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What are the top 10 reasons to advertise in ABTP Magazine?

  1. Magazine Advertising Is Cost Effective
    Ads in magazines, however, are part of the reading experience and consumers welcome their compelling images and informative stories. And a recent study has shown magazines to have the highest return on advertising spend.
  2. Magazine Readers Are Dedicated
    Most magazine readers are dedicated to their favorite publications and deeply interested in the topics presented.
  3. Magazine Ads Have a Long Shelf Life
    Magazine ads, however, remain ready to impress for as long as the physical publication is around. How many times have you been in a waiting room and picked up an old copy of a magazine to pass the time? Those ads are still there, ready to make an impression.
  4. Magazine Ads Deliver High Ad Recall
    According to statistics, magazine media delivers strong ad recall with more than half of all readers noting a lasting impression.
  5. People Trust Print Messaging
    When considering an advertising channel, it’s important to note that consumers trust print advertising more than any other media source. If you want people to believe what they see, make sure you get your messages into print.
  6. Better Customer Engagement
    Whether they’ve chosen a favorite, quiet corner of the home or are riding the train on the way to work, when people are enjoying their favorite magazines, they are engaged with the content.
  7. Magazine Ads Lead Directly to Sales
    A study showed that 35 percent of magazine readers headed right to the advertiser’s website after viewing an ad.
  8. Boost All Advertising Efforts
    All of these benefits will also carry over into your other advertising channels — especially digital.
  9. Higher ROI
    When you put together all the benefits of magazine advertising for business development — especially the ability of print to act as a complementary piece for your other channels — you’ll enjoy a better return on your investments in all directions.
  10. Magazines Help Build Your Brand

ABTP has just under 6k members in their community who are in constant search to purchase products or partner with other business owners. 

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